“Black Friday” is Racist??? Interesting… 

SEATTLE, WA – For the fourth year, Black Lives Matter will hold a demonstration in downtown Seattle on Black Friday. The 2017 demonstration, organized by the Black Freedom Front, is called “Racism. It Stops With Me.”

Close to 10,000 people have indicated an interest in attending, according to the event’s Facebook page.

“We need to show that racism, stops with me (You) and that racism will be defeated forever and that racism is not acceptable in this country or world and also, Black Liberation Starts with you because until All Black People are free – Then no ones is free,” the description of the event reads.

The event page also highlights growing white nationalism in the U.S., which has been on display from Charlottesville, Virginia, to Puget Sound.

In 2016, more than 1,000 people attended the Black Friday Black Lives Matter Protest. The event was peaceful, with demonstrators marching around the downtown area for several hours. At one point, the demonstrators shut down the intersection of 5th Avenue and Pine Street, the core of the downtown shopping district.

This year’s Black Lives Matter protest begins at noon at Westlake Park in downtown Seattle.


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