CNN Backs Trump Vs. Ungrateful LaVar Ball! *VIDEO*

LaVar Ball reacted to President Trump’s tweet about him allegedly being ungrateful for the president helping get his son out of possible jailtime in China.

Ball’s son, UCLA player LiAngelo Ball, as well as two other players were facing several years jailtime on a shoplifting charge.

Trump said he negotiated with Chinese President Xi Jinping for their release.

The elder Ball told CNN that he is not attacking or criticizing the president, but doesn’t necessarily feel the need to thank him.

“I don’t need to go around saying thank you to everybody. Let me deal with my son and let [Trump] do what he’s going to do,” LaVar Ball said.

“If I was going to thank somebody I was going to thank President Xi,” said Ball, whose oldest son, Lonzo, plays for the Lakers.

Ball said he cannot be sure whether Trump was involved but also inferred that he wasn’t saying Trump was not involved.

“I don’t care and I don’t know. If [Trump] said he helped, that’s good for his mind,” he said. “If you helped, you shouldn’t have to say anything.”

Chris Cuomo told Ball he didn’t know why he’d be skeptical about the president helping his son.

“[Trump] gets involved, the boys are released, they get to come back home – which was never a certainty until he got involved,” Cuomo said.

Ball, who played in the NFL briefly, maintained he didn’t “take a shot” at the president. 

“I consider him a human being and the president of the United States,” he said.

Cuomo again pressed that the younger ball could’ve faced a minimum of three years for shoplifting.

“Tell Donald Trump to have a great Thanksgiving because Big Baller is,” Ball later said to close the interview.

The 50-year-old Ball has gained widespread attention in the sports media world over the past few years, becoming well known for his aggressive promotion of his sons, his Big Baller Brand and outrageous statements.

Via Fox News

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