Athiest Group Demands Flag Removal: School And Students Hit Back Hard!

LARUE, Texas (KETK) – Students at LaPoynor High School have taken it upon themselves to respond to the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They’ve moved the Christian Flag that once flew from their main flag pole at the front of the campus. Now flying in its place, a symbol of defiance.

It has been a little more than a month since the Freedom From Religion Foundationtargeted the LaPoynor School District. 

“This has nothing to do with the community or the school board or anything like that,” said senior Sarah Barnes. “It’s us students, it’s whatever we want to put up.”

In its place is now the “Come and Take it Flag.” 

“Back in the Texas Revolution, the Texans put it up for Santa Anna to come take the cannons, so if they want to take our flags, they’ll just have to come and take them,” said junior Austin Dunn. 

Instead of removing the Christian Flag, they’ve moved it off campus but still in front of the school. 

“Actually we put two more flags on poles that aren’t on school property over there and now the kids are flying them on their trucks,” said Barnes.

On Wednesday, students decided to fly Christians flags from their vehicles to demonstrate their passion for their personal beliefs.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation said the students can do what they want, but claim it’s intimidation. Students said that’s not their intention.

“They’re willing to put it all out there for what they believe in,” said LaPoynor mother Shaine Snyder.

Ultimately, the students said they’re defending their faith.

“I know a couple of students here that are from different religions and even some that don’t have a religion,” said Dunn. “We all still work together, we’re all still friends.”

For now, they’re not worried about anything.

“If you can’t stand up for a small battle when the battle gets huge, ya know,” said Snyder. “It’s the little things that count.”

It’s about the small victories and they feel they’ve already won. 

 Snyder said the FFRF has not filed a lawsuit against the school district. 


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