*VIDEO*- Welfare Queen Mocks Taxpayers. Then Feeds Her Dog What?

Tales of the welfare queen are as old as time. Or, at least as old as inefficient, unmonitored government assistance programs. So… old as time. She’s the lady in the checkout line who buys a cartload of groceries with food stamps. Before pulling a giant roll of 20s out of her Coach purse. Which she uses buy beer and cigarettes. Before loading them into her Lexus. Your Nissan Altima is so last year, taxpayer.

Leftists and skeptics claim the welfare queen is little more than hyperbole. A scary boogyman the right uses to lower taxes.

She’s dressed to the nines, with all the latest in accessories, like hoop earrings and used cigarettes. She’s White Trash Barbie! Flashing her EBT card for hot pink lobster. She’s feeding Fido lobster tails while honest taxpayers are microwaving Ramen and clipping coupons. All thanks to leftists’ bright ideas.

Remember Obama’s talk about “spreading the wealth?” Bureaucratic dunces taxing the bejeezus out of you and me, so they can dole out our hard-earned greenbacks to people like this trailer park princess. She protects her castle not with a moat, but a parking lot of wheel-less cars.

There are people out there who legitimately need a hand from the government, sure. Others are able-bodied deadbeats looking to game the system. Like Ms. Sassypants. Fanning herself with your dolla dolla bills.

Not only are leftists unconcerned about abusers like this welfare queen, they want to gift her with more of your money. The next time a far-left wingnut like Bernie Sanders demands to give people more “free stuff,” remember this broad. Someone needs to pay for her filet mignon.

Via Crowder

I give you the real thing. Live and in the trashy flesh:

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