AR-15 Shotgun Blasts Watermelon? You Gotta See This!

Journalist, as a species, aren’t gun people. This was clear the moment USA Today decided to illustrate the possible accessories for the AR-15 and included the chainsaw bayonet, for crying out loud, if at no other point before. However, an Ohio television station decided to go even further in showing us just how little they know about guns.

In the video below, they decided to show us just how deadly the AR-15 is by showing a watermelon being shot. There’s just one problem. Can you find it?

That’s right, it’s a shotgun shooting that watermelon. You can tell because of the lack of a chainsaw bayonet or a “shoulder thing that goes up.”

Oh…and that’s it’s obviously a freaking shotgun.

I get that most people aren’t as into guns as I am or as most of our readers here are, but the shotgun is fairly common. Even Hollywood tends to get some aspects of the shotgun right, especially the pump-action needing to be…you know…pumped. That’s precisely what happens in this video. The weapon is pumped, then fired.

And the mainstream media wonders why the term “fake news” gets so much play. This. This is why.

There’s no way this is an honest mistake by an otherwise intelligent individual. I can’t even chalk this one up to laziness. I just don’t see how this is a case of simply not checking up on some facts and getting something wrong. This is either a case of weapons-grade stupid, or it’s a case of the media believing that you have a case of weapons-grade stupid and won’t notice the difference.

There’s nothing in this clip that tells us either way, but what we can tell is that it presents a false image of the AR-15, assuming viewers actually don’t pick up the difference.

Via Bearing Arms

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