Chelsea Handler is a Horrible Person!!!

Comedian Chelsea Handler has drawn criticism for a tweet blaming Republicans just hours after a mass shooting in Texas.

Handler tweeted on Sunday afternoon: ‘Innocent people go to church on Sunday to honor their God, and while doing so, get shot in killed. What country? America. Why? Republicans.’ 

At least 27 are feared dead after a gunman stormed into the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday morning, among them the pastor’s 14-year-old daughter. 

The shooter died after a pursuit by an armed hero citizen, and his identity and motive had not been made public when Handler weighed in blaming Republicans.

The gunman was later identified as 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley of suburban San Antonio.

Political finger-pointing and debates over gun laws have long been part of the aftermath of high-profile shootings in the US, but many took issue with Handler’s quickness to politicize the horror shooting.

‘This is new low from the left. Sad time in our country and you decide to take a cheap shot,’ responded Omar Navarro, a Republican candidate for Congress in California.

Via Daily Mail

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