ANTIFA Uprising Fail Blamed On Russia And Chuck E Cheese!!!

Propped up with Soros/Clinton funding, the full-page ad in the New York Times, and all of the internet networking couldn’t get the bark of ANTIFA to be anything but a whimper…

On November 4, many of us assumed (as Antifa suggested) that there would be rioting and mayhem spread by these little Communists who, interestingly enough, are protesting the Trump administration as “fascists”. Antifa puts on a front that they are fighting fascism, all while using fascist tactics. It makes no sense to the rest of us, but here we are…

Despite the press attention, turnout was low at many of Refuse Fascism’s rallies, which were scheduled to take place in 20 U.S. cities. The exception appears to have been L.A, where local news reported that close to 2,000 protesters gathered.

There were no reports of violent incidents, although a woman accused of deliberately splashing her drink on a Trump supporter was reportedly arrested at the Refuse Fascism march in New York City.

And then we get to Boston, where the turnout was a dismal 2 dozen protestors. Where are the millions of trained soldiers that the Antifa videos and pages promised? Well, it seems that they went to Chuck E Cheese instead. 

That’s right, we can’t make this stuff up folks. Antifa Boston put out a video trying to spin the embarrassment into blaming Russia and going to Chuck E Cheese. Watch it for yourself!

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