Snoop Dogg Album Depicts Trump Assassination! Wow!

These people have no boundaries or moral compass. Depicting an assassinated president in an effort to become relevant again? His hatred for President Trump is off the charts. He absolutely can’t stand that President Trump is trying to fix former President Barack Obama’s screw-ups.
He has been insulting President Trump ever since he was elected and his latest album cover proves it. Whether it be a mock assassination or featuring a mortuary scene with a President Trump toe tag, this man will go to the lowest of levels to get his hate across.

He has no respect for the oval office. He has said mean-spirited things in the past like,“nobody’s dealing with the real issue with this f****** clown as a president.”

Snoop Dogg’s latest album cover to me shows how much he hates the President

Via TMZ,

“Snoop Dogg first took a fake gun to a caricature of Donald Trump‘s head and now the rapper’s come for the body … as in body bag.

“Snoop posted this photo on Instagram Tuesday in what appears to be the cover to his next album, “Make America Crip Again.” It’s a spitting image to Ice Cube‘s 1991 cover for “Death Certificate.”

It is evident that Snoop Dogg has no respect for President Trump or the oval office. He does not have his facts right. He has been hanging around too many Hollywood liberals and they have poisoned his mind. If a white man did this he would be destroyed.
It is un-American to use a sitting president or any presidents name on a toe tag. Snoop, you need to go to a Conservative College because the liberals have failed you. They have filled your head up with lies!

Your album cover is unacceptable and I hope that the Secret Service gives you a thorough investigation.This crap needs to stop! Grow up and stop trying to divide us. You are making the situation worse. You are fanning the flames of the race wars that former President Obama and his administration started.

President Trump does not hate black people or any race. He has employed thousands and thousands of people of color and different races. Instead of hating on President Trump why don’t you use your celebrity status to actually try to help ‘Make America Great Again!


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