Democrat Rep Wishes Happy Birthday to ‘Madame President’ ?!?!?!

Freebeacon Reports:

Democratic Rep. John Lewis (Ga.) wished a happy birthday to “Madame President Hillary Clinton” on Tuesday afternoon, even though Clinton is not actually president of the United States.

President Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, defeating Clinton with an upset victory in November. But that did not stop Lewis from describing Clinton as the commander in chief on her 70th birthday.
Lewis was one of dozens of members of Congress who boycotted Trump’s inauguration in January.

Trump responded to Lewis’ decision not to attend the event, writing on Twitter that he should focus on “the burning and crime infested inner-cities” rather than boycott his inauguration.

Lewis’ happy birthday wish to Clinton followed a widely circulated tweet from 2016 of Clinton’s Twitter account wishing a “Happy birthday to this future president,” accompanied by a picture of a young Hillary Clinton.

Former President Bill Clinton also wished Hillary a happy birthday, tweeting, “70 has never looked so beautiful. Happy birthday, Hillary Clinton!”

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