ANTIFA Schedule For Nov. 4th Bloody Violence

Antifa has announced that they are planning to kill every single Trump voter, Conservative and gun owner this November 4th.

The far-left terrorist organization have vowed to commit acts of ‘bloody violence’ by raiding peoples homes, seizing weapons and causing civil unrest on the streets of America. reports:  Born under the Obama administration some time around 2014, the radical left wing group “Antifa” has grown to a full blown domestic terrorist threat. Over the past year we’ve seen them shut down conservative speakers such as Milo Yiannopoulos, attack innocent Americans, and use violence to push their political agenda.

After being declared a terrorist organization by the Department of Homeland Security, we’ve seen them slink back into shadows—and while they do most of their operations in secret, dozens of conservative journalists and reporters have infiltrated their ranks, and have some terrifying news.

According to sources, Antifa is planning an all out civil war on November 4th. This is not going to be a productive platform for engagement, it’s not going to be a peaceful protest, hell it’s not even going to be a violent riot. What they’re planning is bigger than anything the likes of which we’ve ever seen, and we need to prepare ourselves.

Dozens of conservative voices have spoken out against the mayhem that Antifa has in store, urging Americans to prepare with bullets, food, and water. “They’re planning a total day of anarchy on November 4th,” one said. “They’re planning the first day of their revolution.”

That’s right—this isn’t just a one time event. This is meant to be the day that they seize control of America. This is meant to be the day that freedom ends, that justice dies, and that terror reigns free. Antifa does not want democracy, they do not want peace, they do not want freedom…they want complete and utter chaos.


NOVEMBER 4, 2017
The information below was gathered from ANTIFA flyers posted in cities across America advertising their plan to riot on Nov. 4, 2017. Citizens avoid these locations at the times indicated. Share to friends or family if they live in these cities or anyone will be traveling there.
Time: 12 PM Location: 4th Ave. & James St. 
Seattle City Hall Plaza
Time: 2 PM Location: Salmon St. Fountain
Time: 3 PM Location: Union Square
Time: 1 PM Location: Pershing Square
Time: 2 PM Location: Thomas Paine Plaza
1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Time: 9:30 AM Location: Ala Moana Park (EWA Side)
Time: 1 PM Location: Public Square
Time: 1 PM Location: 219 S. Dearborn, Federal Plaza
Time: 4 PM Location: 1 Franklin St., Shoppers Plaza
Time: 1 PM Location: 422 Guadalupe St., Republic Square Park
Time: 4 PM Location: Euclid & Moreland Ave. NE 
Little 5 Points / Findlay Plaza

216 thoughts on “ANTIFA Schedule For Nov. 4th Bloody Violence

    1. It is already known where the money backing far left terror groups is coming from. Billionaire agitator George Soros needs to be arrested, tried, and imprisoned for his role in financially supporting a DHS officially declared terrorist organization. The really big question is WHY are our federal law enforcement agencies standing down by turning a blind eye to this traitor?

      1. You better be ready if you do the law can’t get them all when they scatter out . Not enough jail space it may get bloody they say on ANIFA web sights.

    2. Wow, talk about a load of bull… Antifa originated during WWII as a general label of certain U.S. Army forces and Dutch forces as they drove back the nazis. Nothing more disgusting than demonizing those who fight against Fascism

      1. @Daniel Emmett…..i am 100% sure you have no clue what your talking about, first off the antifa has been around since the early 1900’s, and these were peaceful movements, later in europe antifa movements against the likes of mussolini etc took on a more violent approach, versions of antifa were even in france (even though there was no facist to battle against, antifa was also in GB again with no facist to protest against, (getting the picture? these groups were a joke battling against a non foe, it wasnt until after WW2 that stalin organized the real antifa behind the iron wall to suppress free speech and religious freedom, 2 of the biggest foes of communism, soros is a hold over of that era and knows quite well the best way to use these fools as tools, what these punks and walking rectal orifices truly represent, dont dare compare our and dutch soldiers to these scumbags, oh and funny you dint bother to mention the russian soldiers that were the real antifas. your comment labels you a big a morn as these REAL facists and communistic pissants

      2. ANTIFA was originally known as Antifaschistische Aktion and delivered military action for the German Communist Party. In modern times they are left wing extremists that resort to and provoke violence. They do not respect freedom of speech and attack conservatives and nationalists. In short they are a terrorist organization that hold themselves above the law. An extension of the socialist Democrat Party & Islam and will most likely include paid mercenaries. They will wear clothing then blame Trump supporters for ANTIFA related crimes. The objective result to go after constitutional rights sovereign citizenship of Americans to gain control, further socialism and enslave the population in taxes.

      3. There is something more disgusting. Pretending to be anti-faciast while in fact practicing fascism against innocent civilians in the form of intimidation and violence. These people who call themselves “Antifa” are not fighting racism. They are fighting democracy. They are fighting Liberty, freedom of speech, and the right to vote. They claim to be fighting racism as well but they are perpetuating racism by making judgements based on the color of ones skin. Antifa, are in fact, faciiests. I could care less what the pre WW II was all about. The Nazis behaved exactly
        Ike Antifa is behaving now. I.e. Making threats, creating chaos, intimidation and violence!
        It needs to stop now!

    3. George Soros is funding all of the BLM and Antifa violence. He recently put $18 billion to these groups. That’s a major chunk of his fortune!

  1. They look like F Troop. Better stay in the cities, if you come out to country and you won’t likely return home.

    1. Ya noticed that too huh. They are going to cause trouble in their safe spaces.
      Come try that in a place like Midland, Texas.

      1. Funny that you should mention Midland. We have operatives in Midland. We have shut down anti-Muslim and other Fascist ops in Midland. You clowns simply have no idea.

  2. They look like F Troop. Better stay in the cities because if you come to the country you probably won’t return home.

      1. “Too”. I am sure they are laughing at your poor grammar while they recon you and your family.

    1. Maybe that’s because the list you are seeing is a fascist fiction and your fellow fascists don’t even know that Tennessee exists? Do you really think that the left is silly enough to announce a major campaign on social media? Infowars started this entire 11/4 nonsense and you useful idiots bought into it.

  3. “Antifa has announced that they are planning to kill every single Trump voter, Conservative and gun owner this November 4th.”?
    Oh come on… for someone who obviously supports Trump, this IS totally fake news. How is this fake group going to kill every gun owner? With a gun? Wait, wouldn’t that make them…. gun owners? smdh….


    1. As a 20 year Veteran—Air Force Security Forces, Special Ops, Weapons & Tactical Trainer…..Retired Federal Forensic Investigator, I will Always Support President Obama, these fools from ANTIFA have nothing to do with 44. I took an Oath to defend this Country against ALL Foreign & Domestic Terrorist…So if ANTIFA wants to bring it on the soil that I and many have given their blood, sweat, tears, & even lives for, let them bring the noise, I can promise they’ll go home in body bags!!!!!

      1. @MSgt Pete A King… can you support obama, as a fellow veteran 14 years usaf, S&R, obama gave way to these bowel movements along with the other bowel movement BLM, he went out of his way to weaken this country and its resolve by placating to a group of individuals that have contributed nothing to the betterment of society while embracing a false hate directed at law enforcement, and fyi….i am also in forensics, computer forensics, the acts committed by obama in releasing known terrorists for a known deserter, the collusion with russia and other foreign powers such as iran, the treasonous action and intereference in the legal system in protection of clinton! I also took an oath to protect this country from foreign and domestic terrorists, and i look upon obama and hillary and soros and jarret as the epitome of what we were sworn to defend against

      2. Right on Krys! I totally agree. These groups are the spawn of Obama’s treasonous agenda to weaken America in favor of his and Soro’s New World Order. To my way of thinking anyone who favors Obama and all of these idiotic groups have lost sight of what being a true American is.


    1. you’re aware this is fake, right. like the alt-right has been hyping this up so they can claim victory when nothing happens

      1. Claim victory? I”m sorry but our congress has not declared a war and if they did the United States would engage. Those idiots called ANTIFA do not have the power to declare war in the United States and if they did our military under Martial Law would take care of it, not the citizens. So if idiot ANTIFA thinks they have the power to declare war in the United States they have a rude awakening coming. First everyone knows ANTIFA is a cover to do the bidding for the DNC Democrat Party and Islam. They aren’t fooling anyone but Democrats, who only take their truths from leftist approved media stations. .

    2. The rhetorical, ‘Wave a gun in my face and you’ll find it up your a$$.’ I’m wondering, if the threat evolves into a fulfilled promise; is the defending individual then required to register as a sexual offender?

  6. It is all garbage, they do not have the balls to try what they think they want to and if they did it would not end well for the pussies.

    1. That, and they won’t mass in public. They will collect the names of fascists on social media and so forth and shoot them when they sleep. And the relatives of fascists. This isn’t rocket science.

  7. I notice they aren’t planning events in known conservative states, you know, the ones with gun owners…Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama.

    1. Why would we bother with places no educated liberal would ever want to live in the first place? The Revolution will start in the most Cosmopolitan cities, where we are strongest and have the most support. We have no need to deal with you morons in Dumbfuckistan until after we have control of the Federal government, and Trump and his Fascist regime have answered to revolutionary justice. Once we have purged the Army of Trump traitors, then we can turn out attention to pacifying rural America, and putting you rednecks to work on collective farms. You claim to be hardworkers who don’t want to benefit from Socialism? Fine, we will give you exactly that: hard labor, and none of the fruits of the Socialist State.

      BTW – The group in the picture is Redneck Revolt, which is not part of AntiFA or the Black Block.

      1. You will get mowed down by the US government if you get violent. So you think doing home invasions is a good idea? You will make nothing but enemies. Terrorism does not work. You will be an enemy combatant. Have fun in Gitmo if you live through what you mistakenly think you can start.

      2. Trump?? Facism?? The only Facists are you pieces of unamerican shit. Preventing people from excercising their first amendment rights is Facist and that’s exactly what you ISIS loving idiots do. Grow the fuck up!

      3. So you want or think you can take the Trump Army, well I am one of its strongest supporters, So come for me first you gutless piece of shit! My address is 809 Pebble Beach Blvd Sun City Fl! Let me ask you this before you ever come my way, have you ever heard some one scream when they are being scalped alive! I like to do things the way my ancestors did it up close and personal! So after i shoot you in the knee caps, I am going to watch you scream and cry like a little girl!

    1. NOT ALL DEMOCRATS Are for Antifa!!! Do not falsely accuse as most democrats find the Antifa group idiots. I am not a republican or a democrat or liberal, I just couldn’t vote for any of the evil liars.

      1. ANTIFA is sponsored funded and paid for by your political party, the Democrats. Also Islam. They are paid. And you want to say not all Democrats are for ANTIFA,,,, The political party you vote for is funding terrorism on our soil, that means LINDA, that all Democrats are for ANTIFA. If you are not for ANTIFA then dont’ vote Democrat because if you do, then you are voting for a political party that is funding terrorism on our soil. SO YES SINCE YOU VOTE THAT WAY YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THAT POLITICAL PARTY DOES WHEN IT IS FUNDING ANTIFA ON OUR SOIL. How dare you claim you are not supporting or for ANTIFA when you vote for the very political party sponsoring them. No one will buy that. But nice try. You do understand you will be held accountable for everything ANTIFA does when you vote for the political party sponsoring it whether you like it or not. No accountability is what your political party is famous for. Hey when you cast your vote, remember all the victims who die at the hands of ANTIFA, because you’re political party will stop at nothing to win and they have no problem with a terrorist group doing their bidding for them.

    2. I agree Democrats are full of hate and sorry the two Democrats that replied and were offended but let me make this painfully clear… your party, the one that you vote for .. have been incredibly hateful. As a Trump supporter let me tell you I have FELT the hate since the onset,, Trump supporters were beat up at the polls,,, we have been threatened, bullied, harassed, some have even had dynamics at our jobs because of our support. We are literally told by Democrats that they want us dead,,, why? .. because they lost. So please, don’t pretend to think the entire world doesn’t see the hate Democrats are spewing. The very fact that you two came out to say your political party wasn’t riddled with hate is ridiculous. Jennifer Lee and Linda your party the Democrat :Political Party is the most vile hateful party in history. It is a supremacist party that represented slavery and the KKK and is only showing the hate and vile and violent acts it has always shown. The Democrat Party serves up supremacy for it’s voting base and makes them feel superior, not by merit but simply by voting Democrat. It’s the same party it’s always been. Hillary,, didn’t even win the nomination farily, the DNC stole it from Sanders for her, his supporters filed a class action suit and immediately dead bodies started falling. The DNC, Democrat Party are corrupt and have been for quite some time. And both of you nut jobs want to pretend Democrats aren’t hateful Please… the only ones seriously confused are you two. Democrats are hateful and they represent your party. And since you vote that way you will have to wear the label of the hateful people that represent your party and the hate that the Democrat Party represents past and present. Do you two have any idea the impact and suffering your party is causing Americans. I’m sure you do, its’ just that you don’t care,,, which is another representation of your political party, you don’t care about Americans, you don’t care about our country. All you want is socialism and you don’t care who it hurts to get it and you don’t care the harm you inflict on your country to achieve that goal either.

  8. If they are after Trump voters, Trump supporters and Conservatives, they’re hunting in the wrong locations. They’re starting their war in the most liberal locations in the country. It would be like deer hunting on Wall Street, NY. If they want some action, go where their targets live. Head out into the country to a target rich environment. But they would never do that because their targets are well prepared, trained, and armed and they shoot back.

    1. That’s because there is no AntiFA revolution, just a bunch of anti-Trump ralleys that others groups have planned that the Fascist Right want to disrupt. They know morons like you are to stupid to spot their lies.

  9. November 4th is opening day of Deer hunting in Minnesota. Good luck with that…………….

    It is like a state holiday in Minnesota

  10. Not sure if this is real, but if they are planning on attacking some of our states why would they tell people about where they are going to be. 1. military will be there to wipe them out. 2. gun owners would be there to help the military out. They would loose big time, they either have a death wish or they are planning on attacking other places and trying to keep the military busy at these places so they don’t get killed/caught. I say hunt them down and shoot them stupid antifa domestic idiots.

  11. Wait a minute…they urge Americans to prepare with bullets, but they say they’ll kill every gun owner…? Are they planning mass suicide, or what?

  12. Wow, talk about a load of bull… Antifa originated during WWII as a general label of certain U.S. Army forces and Dutch forces as they drove back the nazis. Nothing more disgusting than demonizing those who fight against Fascism

  13. I tell ya. Even if that is the complete worst of them in that picture then they are really planning to give a tea party on November 4. They better have some really short supply line because not a one of them have ammo to last through a half hour firefight. Only see a couple with anything even resembling a knife on their belt but I do see one with a two cup water bottle hanging hal;f full from his belt. The one with his T-shirt stretched so tight his belly is showing looks dangerous though. Sort of greasy ans smelly. My dogs would have him chewed to bare bone in just a few minutes.

  14. I’m left to wonder how many are going to come out of their parents basements on that day even if it isn’t in one of the cities listed….where I live I a hotbed for confederate statues and hurt-feel-e-oma by a lot of folks because of entitlements……guess better wear the ole holster that day and avoid large crowds.

  15. How many dopes are actually falling for this regurgitated hoax. Don’t be a dope… This thing has so many red flags on it, and yet you still fall for it. This was first published in August by Breitbart and was a hoax then. Now somebody sees the date is near and they can reel more gullibles in…

    I saw it on the internet, so you know it’s TRUE!! LMAO

  16. *** What’s Sickening Is That Nobody *** has slaughtered Hillary’s grandchildren yet, and we’re supposed to believe that the faggot cops are ready??…

  17. This is a hoax group used to push the good American Public out so they can send in their Payed Agents (A CALL OF ACTION a gov payed group). If we let them go on Nov .by themselves, they won’t have anyone to make look like EVIL WHITE SUPREMACIST. Do keep in mind there is also an EMP Dept. of Defense Training Operation on the same days from Nov.4th to the 6th.(Probable Planned Blackout Training in the case of a Solar Flare, but very little public knowledge about this event.) So best defend your home more then protest these idiots. Keep a rifle ready to say the least, just in case (which I highly doubt will happen) we have another Inauguration Day event.

  18. So since it is out there, then the National Guard, the Police, the SWAT teams Should all be out in force on the 4th in the cities listed by antifa and every last one arrested and locked up. Then deport them to the country they love. Iran, Afghanistan the list goes on. Anywhere but here since the US is so bad.

  19. Hi there. Can you post the original link for this “announcement” of antifa? Otherwise, where did you hear it from? Also, you folks always say those guys are carrying airsoft guns and they’re all a bunch of limp-wristed pussies who need safe spaces. So why would you even bother worrying if they made such a threat? In fact, why do you think people who are supposedly delicate snowflakes would even plan a mass armed uprising in the first place?

    How gullible and stupid are you, exactly?

  20. One question. Are all the Trump voter suppose to show up at these locations? You know so these kids don’t have to travel so much. Maybe be home in time for dinner, so as not to make Mom mad.

  21. I’m just a good old fashioned American veteran who loves punching Nazis as much as the next red-blooded American, but I ain’t heard nothin’ about no anti-Nazi massacre until today. And if I had heard about it, you better believe I’d be participating, because fuck those genocidal pieces of shit. They can burn in hell. And that’s the bottom line, ‘cos I said so.

  22. Sorry, but this antifa is going to be busy working on my house Saturday. Not that I disagree– my father was a Marine in World War II, and as he was wont to say, “the only good fascist is a dead one.”

  23. If you believe any of this shit> I have a few bridges I will sell you for cheap – Brooklyn & Golden State. You’ll clean up with toll $.

  24. So they’re going to invade the homes of and kill all 60 million people in one day. Even if Antifa wanted to do that (which they don’t), it would Ben absurdly beyond the realm of remote possibility. If you believe this, you have let your fear and prejudice,completely override your common sense.

  25. This is a total lie probably invented by a Russian Troll, There is no such event call by the Antifacist movement which by the way is a bunch of middle age moms and dads that hate racism.

  26. Eleven gathering points? In a nation of three hundred and thirty million people stretching across an entire continent, they only have enough members to organize eleven gathering points? Hell, Hitler had more support during his Beer Hall Putsch. The Ku Klux Klowns look downright sane compared to these dingleberries.

  27. Anybody else notice that, like 3 of the “guns” shown in the leading picture are fakes? I would also wonder if these pinheads realize that the rest of use don’t play with toy guns.

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