CBS Fires Vice-President For Despicable Las Vegas Terrorism Comments!

CBS does the right thing and made a definitive decision. Hayley Gefton-Gold, the network’s no-former vice president and senior counsel, was fired today. Hayley posted incendiary and very insensitive remarks on Facebook towards the victims of the recent Las Vegas shooting. Hayley stated that listeners of country music are most likely Republicans, so they dont deserve sympathy for being shot. This person was the vice president of a media giant. 

The sad truth is not that she said it. The sad truth is how words like this seem so commonplace these days. She obviously has mental issues, but why do we accept opinions like this? She isn’t sorry for saying it, she simply got caught posting it to social media. This makes me wonder how many others in power over major media share he same views. Words have consequences, and I hope she learns that!

Gefton-Gold posted an apology statement:

Earlier today I posted an indefensible post in a Facebook discussion thread concerning the tragic Las Vegas shooting, a statement I sincerely regret. I am deeply sorry for diminishing the significance of every life affected by Stephen Paddock’s terrorism last night and for the pain my words have inflicted on the loved ones of the victims. My shameful comments do not reflect the beliefs of my former employer, colleagues, family, and friends. Nor do they reflect my actual beliefs — this senseless violence warrants the deepest empathy. I understand and accept all consequences that my words have incurred.

Fox News Reports:

Her attorney, Carrie A. Goldberg, responded: “In the last few hours my client, her family and friends have been bombarded by online death unimaginable in quantity and detail. We beg people to show love and support to survivors and loved ones — in Las Vegas and their own lives — instead of creating more violence.”

Geftman-Gold did not work directly with the network’s news division. According to her LinkedIn bio, Geftman-Gold worked at CBS since September 2016 and graduated from the prestigious Columbia University law school in 2000.


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