Trump-Russia Collusion? Is Mueller fired? 

Gregg Jarrett, of Fox News, recently reported that firing Robert Mueller is a media invention. Always has been. 

Jarrett writes:

But it was resurrected on Tuesday by Roger Stone.  The informal adviser to President Trump offered his opinion, eagerly solicited by reporters, that the president should sack the special counsel because his impartiality is hopelessly compromised by a myriad of conflicts of interests. 

Ofcourse, the media would be clammering over a report of another way to attack President Trump. Jarrett continues:

For months there has been rampant speculation in print and television that Trump was on the precipice of firing the special counsel.  Perhaps this is because the press knows, but would never admit, that Mueller deserves it.  But mostly it is because the media would love to use Mueller’s termination as an excuse to demand Trump’s impeachment.

We all know that the liberal media is looking for any reason to overcome the butthurt of Hillary’s loss and impeach Trump. It doesn’t look like they are going to find it though. Jarrett:

The president is smarter than that. Why should Trump fire someone who appears to have found no evidence that he “colluded” with Russians to influence the outcome of the presidential election?  Likely, it cannot be found because it never happened.  The FBI has spent more than a year investigating the matter, yet seems to have come up empty-handed. 

Read the entire article here.

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