Bullies Cause Hunter/Blogger Suicide! This is Enough!!

Melania Capitan, from Catalonia, Spain, had a large following on social media. The 27 year old was a blogger and an avid hunter. She shared her adventures online with 39,000 followers. In the weeks leading up to her suicide, Capitan reported receiving numerous ugly and sinister cyber bully posts. 

Such a tragic loss of life just infuriates me! Cyber bullies are low life scum. If you don’t like what she is posting, then don’t follow. Hunting is a way of life in many cultures. Although not a necessity in our current society, hunting and fishing allow parents to pass down many lessons and morals that we are badly in need of. Dedication, compassion, hard work, and patience are just to name a few.

I would bet my bottom dollar that these trolls and bullies were filled with jealousy of a successful and beautiful young woman. These people should be found and held accountable. Words have consequences!

Her are more low-life posts after her tragic death:

One internet user added: ‘She was so bitter that she had to pay her hate killing innocent animals, thank God she killed herself, the only good thing she did lately.’

Another wrote: ‘Ciao Mel! You made a favour to nature.’ 

The Daily Mail Reported

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