UC President Napolitano Goes Off the Rails!!

The University of California sued the Trump Administration in a turn of events that surprises absolutely no one… The lawsuit comes on the heals of the administration announcing the rescinding of the DACA program. UC President Janet Napolitano was an architect of DACA, so obviously she doesn’t have a biased opinion.

 The first 2 letters in DACA stand for Deferred Action, not No Action. Everyone in this questionably legal program knew that action was “deferred”. Trump campaigned on a promise to end DACA and is keeping that promise. He has given Congress 6 months to come up with a better (legal) solution this time. We need to hold our politicians accountable for promises they make and keep. Now it’s Congress’s turn!

The LA Times quotes an excerpt from the lawsuit:

“As a result of the defendants’ actions, the Dreamers face expulsion from the only country that they call home, based on nothing more than unreasoned executive whim,” the complaint reads.

“The University faces the loss of vital members of its community, students and employees. It is hard to imagine a decision less reasoned, more damaging, or undertaken with less care. … Defendants’ capricious rescission of the DACA program violates both the procedural and substantive requirements of the APA (Administrative Procedure Act), as well as the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.”

Read the complete article about the frivilous lawsuit here

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