Crazy Bernie Fires Back at Hillary!!

Crazy Bernie was on Colbert Show recently and decided to take a couple of shots at Hillary’s new book. While peddling his own literary garbage, Bernie downplayed hers as living in the past. You see, Bernie wants to look forward.

He wants us to adopt socialized healthcare, promote more poverty, and take from those that work hard to make ends meet. Well, most of America does not “look forward” to that at all! Bernie can act like he isn’t straight out of the Looney Toons, but we see right through it. I certainly get a small gratifying smirk out of seeing him attack Hillary. I am sure that you do too! 😆

Ed Mazza from The Huffington Post writes:

Sanders, speaking to Stephen Colbert on the CBS “Late Show” on Thursday night, wasn’t taking the blame.

“Look, Secretary Clinton ran against the most unpopular candidate in the history of this country and she lost and she was upset about it and I understand that,” the senator said. “But our job is really not to go backwards. It is to go forwards.”

He said the country is facing “enormous problems” and “I think it’s a little bit silly to keep talking about 2016.”

Enjoy Bernie’s response to Colbert as he tries to explain how he “damaged” her campaign!


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