Planned Parenthood said what? They disgust me even more now!

Yes, we have entered the Twilight Zone folks! You know that we aren’t in Kansas anymore when Planned Parenthood is advocating for rights of minors and babies. The hypocrisy of this organization simply knows no bounds. 

PP’ does not care one iota about a babys’ right to live. Untill recently, they performed, and advocate for, partial birth abortions. I won’t go into the gruesome details of this procedure here. You can watch this video of the procedure explained during a House Oversight Committee Hearing here.

Don’t get me wrong, Planned Parenthood does provide some good services. They provide some basic health care that someone could get at any local clinic. They also provide contraceptives that anyone could purchase at a convenience store for a few bucks. Democrats have long touted the services that Planned Parenthood offers in a feeble attempt to reconcile the atrocities it also performs. We Conservatives can see right through that facade.

Planned Parenthood is standing up for illegal minors that have a “dream” to become citizens. Maybe they should start standing up for those babies that dream to not be aborted for being an inconvenience. Let’s begin with stop killing babies, and then we can talk about where they live when they get older. The idiots at Planned Parenthood dont get to kill babies and then also have an opinion on where the older babies have a “right” to live!!! No, No, and NO!!!

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